Several Michigan Cavalry units pursued John Hunt Morgan in the spring of 1864

This 11th Michigan Cavalry CDV album of 27 identified soldiers sold for over $3,000 at auction (Cowan’s) in 2009.

11th Michigan Cavalry CDV Album

11th Michigan Cavalry CDV Album

Full item description reads:

Containing 27 views of uniformed officers —13 ink identified and 14 not—among 36 cartes in total, all in 4.5 x 5.75 in. faux leather album with greenish pebbled boards.

Most of the military portraits are vignettes that bear the imprint of Elrod Bros., Lexington, KY. with a smattering of Hudson and Kalamazoo, Michigan back marks. The other nine CDV’s are a civilian and eight album fillers including lithographs of George and Martha Washington, a colored “Old Abe,” the war eagle, plus panoramas of the battle of Stones’ River and “The Storming and Capture of Lookout Mountain” with three others. The index page is blank; based solely on a salutation inked on the back one of the cartes, the album’s ownership is attributed to the regiment’s assistant surgeon, Almon A. Thompson (discharged 8/10/65).

The 13 ink signed identified officers are: Col. Simon B. Brown(autographed, brevet brigadier general 1/31/65, resigned 6/11/65), Surgeon Albert Thompson, 3rd Michigan Cavalry (m/o 2/12/66), Lt. Col. James B. Mason (KIA 10/4/64 Sandy Mt. Va.), Surgeon Lucius C. Woodman (POW 10/2/64 Saltville, Va. during the Saltville massacre perpetrated by Champ Ferguson, confined at Libby Prison, exchanged 10/20/64, promoted brigade surgeon 3/15/65, m/o 8/9/65), Capt. John L. Frisbee, Co. A. (AAIG, 1st Brig., 1st Div., Dist. of KY., resigned & discharged for disability 4/7/65), Capt. William H. Jordan, Co. L. (transferred to 8th Michigan Cav. 7/20/65, m/o 9/22/65), Capt. David W. Philips, Co. A. (resigned 8/11/64), Capt. William H. George, Co. I. (promoted major 1/21/65, m/o 8/10/65), Capt. Thomas H. Jennings, Co. F. (discharged 8/10/65), Capt. Adna H. Bowen, Co. D. (prior service in 4th & 15th Michigan Inf.; POW 9/15/62 as 2nd lt. Co. K., 15th Mich. Inf., exchanged 10/15/62, promoted capt. 11th Mich. Cav. 8/1/63, promoted major 6th US Colored Cavalry 11/3/64, bvt. colonel 3/15/65, m/o 4/15/65), 1st Lieut. Marcus H. Miles, 1st Lt. & RQM (transferred to 8th Mich. Cav. 7/20/65, m/o 9/22/65), 1st Lieut. Edwin Robins, Co. I. (resigned 11/9/64), and 1st Lieut. Manley S. Rowley, Lt. & Adj. (resigned 6/19/64).  The back half of the album includes the 14 unidentified officers in order of appearance and likely rank: a 2nd lt., major or lt. col., a capt., a major/lt. col. or col., an armed 2nd lt., a young lt., a capt., an officer with obscured straps, a capt., officer with obscured straps, an armed officer from Co. “M”, presumably two officer cdv’s in frock coats without straps, and a 1st lt.

Organized at Kalamazoo and Detroit during the fall of 1863, the regiment was sent to Kentucky where it performed security and scouting duties based at Lexington through the spring of 1864 riding in pursuit of John Hunt Morgan.  The 11th transferred to Camp Burnside in August 1864 and participated in the Saltville expedition in Virginia made infamous by the murderous depreciations of bushwhacker Champ Ferguson. Later in October the regiment was engaged at McCormack’s Farm and Laurel Mountain and was commended by General Burbridge for “gallant conduct” in action. The Michigander’s rode in Stoneman’s Raid in Southwest Virginia before going into winter quarters at Lexington. Moving to Knoxville, Tennessee in February 1865 the regiment rejoined Stoneman for a raid into southwest Virginia and western North Carolina skirmishing in at least eight engagements before ending the war at Ashville. The regiment garrisoned Pulaski, Tennessee and was consolidated with 8th Michigan Cavalry in July 1865 having lost 28 officers and men in combat.

11th Michigan Cavalry CDV Album

11th Michigan Cavalry CDV Album


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